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Frank Zappa Monument

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Frank Zappa (1940 – 1993) – was a musician and composer of the American origin. In 1964 he established a band “The Mothers of Inventions” and released the first album “Freak Out” two years later.

In his compositions Zappa combined the elements of jazz, rock, and electronic music. His creative work represents the change of the mass culture in the 20thcentury, when the Church had no influence to the youth culture, and the music became one of the ways to relax and break away from the routine.

The famous artist never visited neither Lithuania, nor any other of the Baltic States; however, his music was very popular here. Lithuanian artists – avant-gardists admired Zappa’s works and even established a fan club.

On December 11th, 1995, a bronze sculpture moulded by Konstantinas Bogdanas and a column designed by the architect Valdas Ozarinskis were unveiled in K. Kalinausko Square in Vilnius.

The idea of the monument to F. Zappa in Lithuania was absolutely unique and was met very positively, but that was not all. Lithuanians made a copy of the monument as a gift to Baltimore – the F. Zappa’s native town. The news were spread across America, and even appeared in the issues of the most popular press publications. The photo artist Saulius Paukstis was the author of the idea, which drew the world’s attention to a small but artist friendly country Lithuania.


Frank Zappa Monument Frank Zappa Monument

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