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Monument to King Mindaugas

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The monument to the only Lithuanian King Mindaugas was unveiled on July 6th, 2003, during the celebration of the 750th anniversary of his crowning. Mindaugas is famous for uniting the Baltic tribes, establishing a state, and becoming its king. The monument is sculpted from granite, and 3.5 meters high. The king is shown as sitting on a throne with royal regalia – a scepter and an orb with a cross – in his hands. The monument is circled with a solar calendar marking the most important pagan and Christian holidays. It was created by the sculptor Regimantas Midvikis in assistance with architects Algimantas Nasvytis, Ricardas Kristopavicius, Inesa Alistratovaite.


Monument to King Mindaugas Monument to King Mindaugas Lithuanian National Museum Lithuanian National Museum

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