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Monument to Vincas Kudirka

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Vincas Kudirka (1858 – 1899) – a writer, translator, and the participant of the Lithuanian national rebirth. He published his works in the political and literature magazine “Varpas”. In 1898, the same magazine published his “National Song” which later became the anthem of Lithuania.

The monument to the author of the National Anthem Vincas Kudirka was unveiled in the summer of 2009. It was placed in the middle of the Vincas Kudirka Square, in front of the palace of the Lithuanian Government. The authors of the monument – sculptor Arunas Sakalauskas and architect Ricardas Kristapavicius.

It was a long way until the project was finally implemented. The granite was bought in India, and later on was polished in China; the glass which is now covered with the Anthem words was engraved in Poland; the bronze sculpture was molded in Kaunas; and only then the monument was finally placed in Vilnius.

The sculpture is almost 4 meters high, next to it stands a 12.5 meters high stylized obelisk with the lyrics of the National Anthem.


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