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Monument to Zemach Shabad

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Z. Shabad was born in 1864 in Vilnius, attended Vilnius Real Gymnasium, in 1881 started studying in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Moscow, and obtained the degree of the Docotor of Medicine. Medical practice wasn‘t the only Z. Shabad‘s occupation - he greatly contributed to the development of the medical theory. After his return to Vilnius, Z. Shabad was working in the City’s Jewish hospital; rescuing the Jews from the epidemics and illnesses in the battlefields of the World War I. Z. Shabad was also famous for defending the Jewish rights to the cultural and national autonomy, establishing infant home, children‘s clinic, several canteens for the poor, summer health-resort for children, and the orphanage.

Z. Shabad’s love and care for children brought him another kind of fame – he became a prototype of the main character in Korney Chukovsky’s poem for children “Doctor Aybolit”.

The monument to Zemach Shabad in Vilnius (sculptor Romualdas Kvintas) was put up on May 16th, 2007. The monument reflects Z. Shabad’s special care of children. The perpetuation of the doctor’s keepsake was mainly sponsored by the “Litvak Fund”, the aim of which is to present the Jewish culture to the Lithuanian society.


Monument to Zemach Shabad

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