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Romain Gary Sculpture

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R. Gary (1914 – 1980) was a French writer and diplomat, studied languages and singing privately in Vilnius. He dedicated his life to writing, and his literature heritage consists of over 30 works. The main topic of his novels is his life in Vilnius.

A monument to honor R. Gary was unveiled in 2007 in the crossing of J. Basanavicius and Mindaugas Streets. The sculpture portrays the writer himself carrying a rubber boot in one hand. The same boot he was cutting and eating in the childhood to draw the attention of the beloved girl. It seems that the sculpture is an episode from one of the novels “The First Vilnius is Love”.

R. Ramanauskas – the head of Vilnius’s R. Gary Club – was the author of the idea to create a monument to the French writer and a two times winner of the Goncourt Prize (in 1956 and in 1975, using Emile Ajar pen-name).

The monument unveiling ceremony was attended not only by ordinary Vilnius’s inhabitants, but also the politicians of the highest rank (Algirdas Paleckis and Arturas Zuokas). The novel about R. Gary’s childhood in Vilnius “Promise at Dawn” was cited.

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