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Phone No.: +370 698 05667
Email: info@maghrib.lt
Web Page:
Opening Hours: I-IV: 12.00-23.00, V-VI: 12.00-00.00, VII: 12.00-21.00
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The one and only restaurant of traditional and modern Maroccan cuisine – Maghrib, already well-known to Vilnius citizens and city guests – is situated on Užupis street. Restaurant guests are invited to experience the cosiness of the interior, taste familiar and new dishes, which will surprise you with rich flavours, authenticity, flavour diversity and enticing aroma of the spices. Maroccan cuisine is very colourful and diverse, as the country itself. The developing Arab cuisine was influenced by Jewish, Spanish, French, Berber and Moor cuisines.

The flamboyance of the dishes comes from the most frequently used spices and flavorings: cinnamon, cumin, curcuma, ginger, chili pepper, bell pepper, anise, sesame, parsley, cilantro, marjoram, onion, garlic, honey, muscat, chili pepper paste "Harissa", and preserved lemons. Traditional and modern Maroccan cuisine is very diverse, therefore a single dish can be sweet, salty and tangy. The symbol of the Maroccan cuisine is "Tajine" – a savory, flavorful and succulent stew, made with vegetables, fruit and meat (lamb, poultry, beef, fish and seafood). It is extremely luscious and tender, and just melts in your mouth. These, of course, will be served to the restaurant guests. Besides the diverse flavours of the Maroccan cuisine dishes, the guests will also be able to taste and enjoy confectioneries, freshly made at the restaurant, learn to cook Maroccan dishes, celebrate family and business occasions, spice up and colour events as well as participate in the Maroccan cultural parties.

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