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Vilnius - Lithuania heart

Vilnius is the capital of Lithuania. This town is known as the largest and the finest town in the country. MORE

Place of interest

Vilnius is really important historical, cultural and academic hub of Eastern Europe. MORE

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Phone No.: +370 5 2 690022
Email: info@pomodoro.lt
Web Page:
Opening Hours: I-IV: 8.00-23.00, V: 8.00-24.00, VI: 10.00-24.00, VII: 11.00-23.00
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Pomodoro retaurant exclusivity is food prepared in restaurants, only when guest ordered, but not heated, or centrally produced and shipped dishes. Presenting their menu, that we want to remind our guests. 

The restaurants guests are invited to assess in restaurant produced pasta and ravioli (ravioli) dishes with a variety of sauces, Italian pizza, meats, fish and seafood dishes, desserts. Pomodoro restaurants invite breakfast from 8 oclock in the morning. Breakfast menu guests will find a healthy porridges, freshly baked pancakes with various fillings, Italian sandwiches, omelettes, dumplings or just offer a quick Italian breakfast option - a cup of coffee with freshly baked crispy crosan. About coffee - many years we offering high quality Italian coffee "Mokaflor, which is presented to us directly from Italy. Every day you prepare the exclusive coffee having a heady aroma of old in accordance with the principles and traditions of Italian coffee roasting. 

Pomodoro restaurant guests have a great opportunity to not only spend their leisure time in the cozy environment, but also will serve nicely. We invite you the daytime to meet with business partners for business lunch and in the evenings to sit perfectly favorite friends, colleagues or company to spend a romantic evening. 

We are ready to organize a celebration not only of our restaurants, but in any place of your choice, homestead, rented hall, or even your own.


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