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Sole Respublika Restaurant

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Phone No.: +370 687 31059
Email: info@solerespublika.lt
Web Page:
Opening Hours: I-VII: 11.00-00.00
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At the very heart of Užupis, directly in front of the most famous angel in Vilnius, is a republic of good taste, also known as “Sole Respublika”. Cosy little restaurant will surprise you with delicious dishes of European cuisine from a perfectly balanced menu. On workdays, guests of “Sole Respublika” have a unique opportunity to order the freshest fish freshly caught in the Baltic Sea. The restaurant also caters for guests who advocate vegetarian lifestyle. We offer perfectly matched snacks to both a glass of wine and a mug of beer. The kitchen of “Sole Respublika” is managed by highly promising young Chef Dovilė Piliponytė who has gained experience in Lithuanian restaurants (European Center Golf Club, restaurants of Kaunas “Žalgirio” Arena) and learned the craft of winemaking with the Italian masters.

A place where the “Sole Respublika” restaurant is located has a long history. It is said that it is here, where more than 200 years ago, the great French military leader Napoleon had founded his residence during his ambitious march…

French Cuisine.


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