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Vilnius - Lithuania heart

Vilnius is the capital of Lithuania. This town is known as the largest and the finest town in the country. MORE

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Vilnius is really important historical, cultural and academic hub of Eastern Europe. MORE


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Vilnius like other European towns is multicultural town. Vilnius was a hometown for various nations from ancient times. They could feel free expressing their faith and traditions.

Vilnius is the largest city in Lithuania. Vilnius is more multinational town than other Lithuanian towns. 60% of citizens of Vilnius population are Lithuanians. However Lithuanians are presently majority of Vilnius population. On 1897 when Vilnius was part of Russian empire, this town had 138 600 citizens where 44% were Jews, 33.6% - the Poles, 14.6% - Russians, 3.9% - Byelorussians, 2.1 % - Lithuanians, 1.4% - Germans and 0.4% - other nationalities. Later on 1909 when Naujoji Vilnia was attached to Vilnius the population of this town was: 37.7% - The Poles, 36.8% - Jews, and Lithuanians just 1.2%.

Residents of Vilnius in statistics

  • Population: 548 835;
  • Density: 1367 people per square km;
  • Citizens by sex: 45% men, 55% women;
  • Citizens by age groups: 16% children (0-15), 67% working-age, 17% citizens of retirement age.

Demographic situation of Vilnius year after year:


Residents of Vilnius town according to nationalities (2001 year):