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Vilnius - Lithuania heart

Vilnius is the capital of Lithuania. This town is known as the largest and the finest town in the country. MORE

Place of interest

Vilnius is really important historical, cultural and academic hub of Eastern Europe. MORE


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The first school in Vilnius was founded in 1387 when Lithuania was Christianized. 1387 year became the base year for education in Vilnius. The main lessons were: classical Latin, Polish, Lithuanian, mathematics, singing of anthem and various disciplines of church.

The first university in Vilnius was established after 200 years in 1579. University was established by Polish king and Grand Duke of Lithuania Steponas Batoras who reformed Jesuitic college to university. Vilnius University is one of the oldest in Europe and the largest university in Lithuania. This university has raised lots of famous Lithuania's anf Nothern Europe's professors, writers, architects, composers, sculptors, doctors and other genial persons.

System of education: free and compulsory education for Lithuanian residents is from 7 till 16 year old. School year starts in September and lasts 9 months. After 10th anf 12th forms pupils must take exams. they can try for university after 12th form if they passed their chosem exams.

Literacy of nation: World Bank says that educational level of Lithuanian residents is very high and literacy of Lithuanian residents reaches 100% and 30,4% of Lithuanians have university education.