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Vilnius - Lithuania heart

Vilnius is the capital of Lithuania. This town is known as the largest and the finest town in the country. MORE

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Vilnius is really important historical, cultural and academic hub of Eastern Europe. MORE


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New Year (12.31-01.01)

New Year in Vilnius (also like in the rest of Lithuania) is celebrated on 1st of January at 0:00 a.m. according to Gregorian calendar. A wide range of attractions, events and activities is offered for residents and guests on New Year celebration. Frequently everyone is invited to accept the following: the opera, various concerts (from classical to popular music), a night club party, the quiet evening in the restaurant (perhaps just sipping wine), watching fashion show or maybe another event that you might be interested in. A mass celebration place can be named the Cathedral and Town Hall Squares, next to Christmas trees of the town; here the most impressive fireworks can be seen.

Three Kings (01.06)

Every year the Christmas marathon ends with Three Kings parade. Three Kings with a large escort start their annual journey from the Gates of Dawn (Ausros Vartai) on the 6th of January. The huge figures pass Great (Didzioji) and Castle (Pilies) streets anf finally reaches Cathedral square, where crib is built. This celebration is to remember the Three Kings visit to Bethlehem where Jesus Christ was born.

Lithuanian Independence Day (01.16)

16/02/1918 Council of Lithuania signed the Act of Independence of Lithuania, which declared that the Council of Lithuania separates Lithuania from any public relations, ever had with other nations. Every year this day is dedicated for various events, celebrations and finall concert is organised in the Cathedral Square in the evening.

Shrove Tuesday (end of February)

One of the oldest and most entertaining calendar holiday in the whole Lithuania and Vilnius. This is a traditional mummers parade, where symbol of winter More is carried and later that symbol is burnt. Here cheerful raging folk doctors, Gypsies, goats, bears, Jews, merchants and others 'artists' can be met. Two of the most important festival characters are porker and hempen, they constantly keep fighting and trying to identify who will leave a square: porker or hempen. Mardi Gras (Pankake Day) is still retained their natural playfulness. The festival is celebrated 7 weeks before Easter in the Town Hall Square.

Day of Restoration of Independence of Lithuania (03.11)

11.03.1990 - The Supreme Council of the Republic of Lithuania declares the independence of the country, which was removed from the map by foreign forces in 1940. During that day Vilnius hosts various concerts, thematic exhibitions and events.

Vilnius International Film Festival "KINO PAVASARIS" (March - April)

Film Spring is the largest film event in Lithuania. This is an annual event where more than 100 films are presented and shown. However before that films are divided into separate programs. The main mission of the festival - to acquaint the audience of Lithuania with independant films that are recognised over the world.

Street Music Day (May)

On this day in streets, squares, parks and yards of Vilnius go thousands of people who play their own songs and other popular music. Here streets of Vilnius are full of musicians playing Lithuanian folk, jazz, rock, classical and avant-garde. On this day all the citizens and visitors are included in the holiday whirl, you can also contribute to any of the groups and help them perform the work.

Vilnius Festival (May)

Vilnius festival is one of the most important festivals in the city and the country music events. The festival is part of the European Festivals Association list. The festival presents the famous Lithuanian and foreign performers' interpretations of major symphony and chamber music, premier programs of contemporary Lithuanian composers, festival works created in collaboration with other European festivals.

Culture Night "Tebunie naktis" (June)

Each year the event takes place and attracts many citizens and city guests. The event calls not to sleep for one night and participate in various community-based art projects. In addition to this, this event promotes not only to discover the night city, but also learn about different art forms. This night is a great oppotyunity for artists to present their work.

Jonines - Midsummer Day (06.23)

This is the shortest night of the year and the summer solstice. That day many different events going on and major events traditionally are held in Verkiai Regional Park, Vingis Park and Kernavė (near Vilnius). The traditional festival is the oldest ethnocultural tradition is going in Verkiai Regional Park, where you can see off and welcome the sun, dance and sing next to fire, predict the future from herbs, allow the crowns to the river.

Lithuanian State Day (King Mindaugas Coronation Day) (07.06)

This is the crowning day, also holiday day, of the first Lithuanian ruler King Mindaugas - known as National Day. On this day, Vilnius is full of events where the magnificent past of Lithuanian statehood and traditions are remembered, later on the cathedral square a spectacular ceremony is organised. At 9 p.m. local time across the city as a whole Lithuania a "National Hymn" is sung.

Christopher Summer Festival (July - August)

Vilnius Summer Music Festival is not for hearing sounds of orchestra, piano, guitar and organ, but also for a wide range music from around the world. Concerts take place in unusual city locations: churches, manor houses, courtyards or even botanical garden. Every year, at noon, Daukantas Square takes the traditional flag-raising ceremony and the Lithuanian president says festive speech.

Capital Days (September)

The biggest city festival for all residents of the city and guests. Capital-day events are free and is present for over 1,000 performers from Lithuania and abroad. The festival traditionally takes place on Gediminas Avenue, the Cathedral and Town squares, Vingis Park, Vilnius Teachers' House yard.

International Theatre Festival "Sirenos" (September - October)

The most important theatrical event of the year. During the festival audience sees the theatrical stagings of European stars and the latest Lithuanian performances

International Music Festival "Vilnius Jazz" (September - October)

"Vilnius Jazz" is the oldest annual jazz festival in Vilnius, held since 1987. This is the only event in Lithuania, which focuses on a wide range of modern jazz strains. Festival is recognized as one of the most important Eastern European jazz hotspots, which fostered and disseminated viable improvised music traditions.

Blukas festival (12.22)

"Blukas" or solstice celebration is held every year. On Christmas Eve, December 23rd, from Gediminas Avenue till Old Town bluk-wolves are towing a Blukas stump, which from immemorial mythology times symbolizes the passing years, and everything possible must be disposed of. Then this stump is burned in one of the squares of Vilnius.

Winter holidays in the capital (December - January)

Traditionally, "Christmas in the Capital" begins with lighting the national Christmas tree in Cathedral Square, later accompanied by a large concert. Every year in the city during the holidays, Christmas Town is opened, where you can find holiday gift or festive mood. Moreover the crib is built in the Cathedral square every year.