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Vilnius - Lithuania heart

Vilnius is the capital of Lithuania. This town is known as the largest and the finest town in the country. MORE

Place of interest

Vilnius is really important historical, cultural and academic hub of Eastern Europe. MORE


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Vilnius is one of the greenest and hilliest capitals of Europe, so the bike enthusiasts will have to work hard to overcome the most beautiful places of the city. Cyclists will be able to visit the Belmont neighborhood, Verkiai park, Green lakes or just have a romantic ride along the coast of the river Neris. At present residents and guests are envited to ride with environmentally friendly transport almost 90 km specially marked paths in Vilnius.

Bicycle parking

The major visited places are equipped with more than 200 free parking spaces for bicycles. It can be found in the capital and 20 "veloparks" named bicycle parking spaces. Bikes that are parked in this velopark will be safe, because the stand is equipped with video cameras monitored in urban areas.

Rent a bike

If you would like to know more about Vilnius, but you do not have bikes. In that case you can rent one or even more at velo-city.lt. Bike rent agency can be found in Old town Kauno g. 5. It costs 10 litas for 1 hour, 40 litas - 24 hours. Please visit the site as prices might be changed.


Velotaxi is the most ecologic public transport in Vilnius. Velotaxi driver can ride 2 adults at the same time. Ussually velotaxi works from the beginning of the May till the end of October. More information can be found at www.velotaksi.lt.

Bicycle traffic rules

The most important Lithuania's traffic rules must be followed when cycling in urban areas. Major rules are:
  • A bike ride on roads is allowed at 12-year-old age. No age limit when cycling in housing development.
  • A bicycle or moped ride is allowed to cycle paths, and where they do not exist - due to the hard shoulder by the traffic direction.
  • Bicycle riders (passengers) up to 18 years(or older), must wear bicycle helmets when riding (or when are carried) on the road. It is recommended to wear a bicycle helmet for persons older than 18 year old when cycling on the road.
  • Cyclists must give way to other vehicles and pedestrians when bicycle trail is located in the unregulated intersection or crossroad.

Route: Cathedral - Verkiai Park - Žalieji Lake

One of the most impressive and longest bicycle routes in Vilnius. When traveling this route, you will know the most beautiful places in Vilnius, visit Verkiai regional park. The route stretches along the city's cycle paths, hills and forest tracks.


The annual bicycle marathon, which takes place in the city center of Vilnius, in the most beautiful places. Competition is open to any age or ability cyclists. Bicycle enthusiasts can compete in 24 kilometers race or try themself in 80 km competition, and the smallest - 2.4 kilometer track. Velomarathon 2010 was recognized as the best sports event in Lithuania.

Scheme of Vilnius city bicycle routes

Here you can find specially marked cycling routes in Vilnius schema.