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Vilnius - Lithuania heart

Vilnius is the capital of Lithuania. This town is known as the largest and the finest town in the country. MORE

Place of interest

Vilnius is really important historical, cultural and academic hub of Eastern Europe. MORE


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If you would like to move from one destination to another quickly and safely, or go to the countryside, then we advise to call a taxi. Taxi services are offered by dozens of companies and every taxi car can be easily recognised by the yellow boxes. Taxis can be called by personnel of any hotel, cafeteria or restaurant. Mostly taxt in Lithuania can be got in by using speed dial numbers. It is worth to remember that taxi-controller should be informed in advance if transport with more seats or taxi for disabled is required.

Charges for taxi service

Currently standard fare for Vilnius taxi is from 1.25 litas to 3 Litas per kilometer. Taxi companies really often calculate and boarding fee, which is about 2 Litas. On weekends and holidays, especially in the evenings, taxi rates rise significantly. It is advisable to call a taxi by phone because you will also pay more if you will board a taxi which is parked on the street.


Vilnius and other major cities currently use an electronic order form (www.etaksi.lt), which allows to order or reserve a taxi at the desired time. Reservations are transferred to several selected taxi companies, an order is accepted by company which has a free a nearby. A customer is informed by SMS when taxi arrives. eTaksi.lt website has a list of companies which provide taxi service and their rates.

Taxi in the airport

Attention! Taxi companies which provide service in Vilnius International airport area, may charge a higher rate than in the city. Please be aware and before sitting into the taxi ask the driver how much it will cost to reach your required destination. There is a stand with the prices next to taxi parking area.

Safe travel by taxi

If you have any doubts about the applicable fees, just request a travel receipt from taxi driver at the end of the travel. A receipt must contain the following information: a final price for the service, price per 1 km, time, travel route, car number and full name of the driver.

Short taxi numbers

1450 - Vilnius veža, 1820 - Smart Taxi, 1465 - Eurotaksi, 1446 - Ekipažas, 1428 - Jazzexpress, 1435 - M-taksi/Viptak, 1420 - Romerta, 1800 - ART1, 1844 - Artaksa, 1411 - Greitvila plius, 1313 - Taksi LT, 1366 - Taksi Lux, 1866 - SDKEsdke, 1499 - Taxi 1, 1409 - Taksodromas, 1442 - Grairė, 1833 - Sostinės taksi, 1460 - Fiakras ir Ko, 1488 - Vilenta, 1445 - Kabrioletas, 1818 - Translota.