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Vilnius Upgrades Entire Lighting System in Region’s First PPP of this Type (0)

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High efficiency modern LED lighting fixtures will reduce energy consumption in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania by more than 70%. The advanced technology implemented through a PPP (Public Private Partnership) will save over 2 million euros annually on electricity.

The city of Vilnius will be modernizing its street lighting over the next two years. The project will be implemented through a Public Private Partnership by Gemmo S.p.A. of Italy and is considered to be one of the best practice examples in the European Union.

“This is probably the first time in Europe that a city’s entire lighting system has been totally modernized all at once. Not only will it save our taxpayers money, but it will make the streets even safer at night and cut down on traffic accidents. This new best practice model will also serve to reduce environmental pollution and that’s important”, stated Mayor of Vilnius Arturas Zuokas.

Marie Donnelly, Director of the European Commission’s Energy Directorate, spoke highly of the Vilnius lighting overhaul project. She noted that it is a good example for the EU on how to save energy and implement the best sustainable environmental solutions.

The last time that all 44,000 of the lighting fixtures in Vilnius were renewed was in 1997–2000. They have depreciated over 89.5% and the useful life of most of them will end next year.

The company that won the tender will have to complete all work within two years. After that, the operation and maintenance of the Vilnius street lighting system will be provided by them for eighteen years.

“Projects like these not only bring direct benefit to citizens, but also allow private investment in public services, thereby increasing the efficiency of local government operations. The municipal governments of other major Lithuanian cities are also considering similar projects. These types of projects are funded by the European Energy Efficiency Fund, and there is a great opportunity for support from European Union Structural Funds 2014-2020”, stated Jonas Kimontas, Senior Project Manager at Invest Lithuania.

The project was a joint effort of the City of Vilnius, Invest Lithuania and the Central Project Management Agency. Partnership agreement was revised by the Ministry of Finance of Lithuania.

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