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A new Vilnius city brand will be first presented at the Eurovision Song Contest (0)

Photo by Vilniaus miesto savivaldybė
With a view to promoting the capital of Lithuania abroad, Vilnius City Municipality has designed a new Vilnius city brand, which will be first presented at the Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen in May. During the Contest Vilija Matačiūnaitė, who is a resident of Vilnius, and her team will wear custom decorated T-shirts with the attributes of Vilnius; the new brand will also be printed on flags and information material.

“The new Vilnius city brand is both modern and historical – a contour of Gediminas’ Tower. The tower is a famous symbol of the capital and its most visible building. I am pleased that the whole of Europe will soon be able to see or will once again be reminded of Vilnius”, –said Vilnius Mayor Artūras Zuokas.

The main news of this new communication strategy is the unexpected experience of the city –Vilnius LOGIK. Vilnius is planning to communicate a tune of exceptional and unexpected attributes that are only incidental to the capital of Lithuania: e.g. Užupis, street art (Literatų Street or Užupis café terrace), the Fluxus movement, or the city in the park with one of the fastest internet access.

“I am truly pleased that Vilnius City and its Mayor Artūras Zuokas have confidence in me and my song “Attention”. It is a great honour for me to have this opportunity to present the logo of my hometown to the whole of Europe during the Eurovision Song Contest”, - said Vilija Matačiūnaitė, the Lithuanian representative at the Eurovision Song Contest.

The clothing decorated with the Vilnius city brand for the Lithuanian team at the Eurovision Song Contest was designed by Ieva Ševiakovaitė and Jolanta Rimkutė, the designers of the LT identity creative team.

The study of Vilnius image-building was prepared by a team of experts, who were brought together by Lukrecija BBDO advertising and PR agency, including Jeremy Hildreth, famous international branding and identity expert, who has consulted over 20 cities and states all over the world (including London and Riode Janeiro), as well as Thierry Baujard (Peacefulfish), international expert in culture and creative industries, who has worked with Norway, Lapland, Malta, and Germany.Also included were the consultants at Ernst&Young as well as EKT

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