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CycloCity Vilnius - a self-service bicycle system of the city (0)

Photo by iVilnius
CycloCity Vilnius, a self-service bicycle system of the city, successfully launched last year, this year will start the season considerably earlier than planned with the first bicycles on the streets tomorrow, 1 April.

By mid-May 36 self-service bicycle terminals will be installed in Vilnius, which is as many as 12 terminals more than last year. A card of the system’s user may be renewed or acquired as of the second half of March.

This year, a plan is to develop the system’s network towards Antakalnis up to the Olandų roundabout; bicycles will reach the Kalnų Park, the Žalgirio Stadium, the Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences, Saltoniškių and Teodoro Narbuto streets, the Lithuanian Children and Youth Centre as well as other popular locations.

Those wishing to ride city bicycles at any time may register at the website www.cyclocity.lt and pay the seasonal registration fee of LTL 69. Seasonal registration for young people from 14 to 26 years of age is less expensive and costs LTL 48. If you wish to ride a bicycle for 30 days, the membership fee is LTL 14. Membership may be activated at any rental point of Cyclocity Vilnius with a Cyclocity Vilnius card or a Vilnius’ resident/guest’s card (Vilniečio kortelė). Those who used the service in 2013 do not need to register again, they only need to log into their account on www.cyclocity.lt and pay the user’s fee, and they may further use orange bicycles with their card. Those, who do not intend to use the service regularly, may buy a 3-day ticket at the terminal for the price of LTL 10. The first half an hour of rent is free of charge. The second half-hour costs LTL 1.5, the third, LTL 5, and the fourth, LTL 12.

According to the data of the city’s bicycle system, last July-October the 200 orange Jacobs 3in1 bicycles were used by almost 6.6 thousand Vilnius city residents and guests. 12 September witnessed a record when bicycles were ridden 1,900 times. According to a survey, users of the system gave top scores to the innovative service of JCDecaux Lietuva. 
Frederik, Crown Prince of Denmark, also gave the orange bicycle a try on his visit to Vilnius 8-9 October last year. The guest, together with the Mayor of Vilnius Artūras Zuokas, decided to take a look around the city on a bicycle, which is a popular means of transport in Denmark and increasingly more popular in Lithuania.

Vilnius is the first and, so far, the only city in Eastern Europe where the self-service bicycle system CycloCity, developed by the French capital company JCDecaux, has been installed. The emergence of the system in Vilnius was initiated by the Vilnius City Municipality by announcing a tender for rent of the city’s advertising spaces. The outdoor advertising company JCDecaux Lietuva will invest LTL 22 million into the self-service bicycle system in the course of 15 years.

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