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Song Festival invites 37,000 performers and 150,000 spectators to celebrate Lithuanian identity (0)

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This year will be an important anniversary for the 90 year-old Festival that was listed in the UNESCO’s World intangible human heritage. After 5 years of preparation and planning, the city will host 30,000 performers from 15 countries and gather up to 150,000 people in the audience. As every fourth year, all participants and spectators will celebrate the Lithuanian identity they cherish either they live in Lithuania or have roots in that country. Once again, the Festival will be an opportunity for Lithuanians from around the world to gather around centuries-old traditions in the Capital.

Lithuanian Song Festival “This is my home” is organized around 12 main programs that go will go well beyond musical creativity –workshops, costumes, theatre, dance and processions are planned.

The Opening ceremony will take place at the Cathedral Square on the 2nd of July and consist of a concert: “The Home of the Song”. On Thursday the 3rd, workshops for children will be opened at the Palace of the Grand Dukes and the Folk Arts exhibition will start at the Museum of Applied Arts. At sunset, the theatrical concert of the Ensemble Evening will gather 3,000 performers from every region of Lithuania in Kalnai Park.

On Friday the 4th Folklore Day will be kicked off everywhere in the Castle area where pagan myths and believes will be revived. The unique sound of Kankles, the traditional string instrument, will echo on the walls of St. Johns church. After the concert, the colorful Parade of the Baltic Tribes will bring back to light the ancient costumes in the yard of the Palace of the Grand Dukes.

On Saturday, Dance Day will take place at the Stadium from 12, with a day time concert before an evening show at 9.00pm. The event will feature more than 8,000 performers from Lithuania and the Lithuanian Diaspora around the world. Meanwhile, Theatre Day will celebrate Theatre Year and pay homage to Lithuanian authors.

On Sunday, 14,000 voices from 400 international choirs will sing compositions of all times -from archaic folk song to modern harmonies. Meanwhile, the Procession of celebration’s participants will meander from the Cathedral Square down Gediminas Avenue to Vingis Park.


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