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Air Lituanica becomes one of the leaders of Vilnius Airport (0)

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The airline Air Lituanica carried a record-breaking number of passengers – 17.5 thousand – in July and takes the second position among traditional airlines operating regular flights from Vilnius Airport.Only the German airline Lufthansa handled more passengers compared to Air Lituanica.

In the context of the passenger traffic handled by all airlines flying from Vilnius Airport in July, low-cost airlines Wizz Air and Ryanair take the first and the second place, while the charter airline Small Planet Airlines, with the majority of its flights taking place during the summer season, is the third.Traditional airlines – Lufthansa, Air Lituanica, Air Baltic, etc. – start from the fourth position in the ranking. 21 airlines currently operate flights from Vilnius Airport.

“It is the first time when we are in the fifth position by the total number of passengers handled at Vilnius Airport and take 7% of the market of regular flights.However, in the light of the market of traditional airlines alone, we occupy as much as 13.8% of the market in July," says Air Lituanica Director of CommerceSimonasBartkus.He adds that the number of passengers carried by Air Lituanica has been steadily increasing since the beginning of operations.

Air Lituanica first came into operation on 30 June last year. Over the first year the airline carried 100,000 passengers. The airline which has met and exceeded its expectations for passenger numbers expands its flight portfolio according to an established plan. The airline’s aircrafts currently rise from Vilnius Airport 43 times a week. Regular direct flights are operated by two aircrafts from Vilnius to Brussels, Berlin, Prague, Munich, Paris, Tallinn, and Billund. During the summer season, the airline also flies to Gothenburg and Malmö. It will launch flights to Amsterdam from 31 August.

Next year the airline is planning to expand its fleet with new aircrafts and to add new destinations to the existing routes.During the second year in operation Air Lituanica will also seek to carry more than 150,000 passengers and to remain among the leaders at Vilnius Airport.

The share of Air Vilnius Group UAB in Air Lituanica’s capital makes up LTL 17.5 million. Air Lituanica Club, joining over 40 natural and legal persons, has already invested LTL 4.3 million in the airline,while Baltic Post UAB has invested LTL 86,000.

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