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Bus Riders Get Drinks of Cold Water During Heat Wave in Vilnius (0)

Bus Riders Get Drinks of Cold Water During Heat Wave in Vilnius
Photo by Vilniaus miesto savivaldybė
Fare enforcers around the world aren’t especially known for their charitable instincts, but the City of Vilnius is encouraging a gentler, kinder type of enforcer with a touch of empathy.

During the current heat wave that is scheduled to last for the next two days, enforcers are providing at least some short term relief for those travelling on buses and trolleybuses in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania

“Our priority is passenger comfort. The buses and trolley buses have ventilation, but during the summer months, something to make the ride more pleasant is always appreciated. In winter, when it’s very cold out, passengers are offered hot tea by the enforcers and it is much appreciated. This summer, the drinks of cold water will be a small gesture to show that we care,” said Vilnius Mayor Arturas Zuokas.

Passengers waiting at public transportation stops today and tomorrow will be offered cool drinks of water by the fare enforcers. The weather forecasts predict a heat wave over the capital with temperatures of 29°C - 30°C.

Over 1500 bottles of water have already been distributed today with more to come, especially at stops where there are larger numbers of passengers.

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