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19. Israel Bolling
2022-03-08 05:37:32   IP:
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Hello, It is with sad regret to inform you that DataList.biz is shutting down. We have made all our databases available for you at a one-time fee. You can visit us on DataList.biz Regards. Israel
18. Makayla Burford
2021-08-16 03:02:30   IP:
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New data just for you! Hi, just letting you know you can now from hundreds of millions of data records in 200+ countries and in various industries. Benefit from it as soon as possible. Browse our databases or request a custom list that suits your needs. Theres something for everyone. Have a look! https://sundatagroup.one
17. Marcy Winslow
2021-08-05 04:32:54   IP:
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6 August 2021. This is the last day BestLocalData.com will be online and operate. We are shutting down and all our data is for sale for $99. Regards, Marcy
16. Deangelo Son
2021-06-28 19:25:17   IP:
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It is with sad regret to inform you that because of the Covid pandemic BestLocalData.com is shutting down at the end of the month. We have lost family members and colleagues and have decided to shut down BestLocalData.com It was a pleasure serving you all these years. We have made all our databases available for $99 (All of it for $99) for those interested. Kind Regards, BestLocalData.com Deangelo
15. Gabriela Arias
2021-06-17 21:10:06   IP:
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Hello from FbCourses.net Want to pay $0.01 a click? We got you covered. A great team of Global Digital Marketing experts have compiled this list of 13 Best + Free Facebook Advertising Training, Classes and Courses to help you learn and excel at Facebook Ads & Marketing. Thousands of professionals have already benefited from this list on Facebook Training. Regards, Gabriela
14. Kam Hein
2021-06-10 20:02:12   IP:
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We at BestLocalData.com has been hit badly by Covid-19 and as a result BestLocalData.com is shutting down. We provided the best data to companies to find their right customer base, we dont want other companies to go down the same path we went and go out of business. As a result we are providing our data till the end of the week at the lowest possible prices. BestLocalData.com
13. Leanna Pastor
2021-06-02 02:32:03   IP:
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Hello, It is with sad regret to inform you that BestLocalData.com is shutting down. We have made all our databases for sale for a once-off price. Visit our website to get the best bargain of your life. BestLocalData.com Regards, Leanna
12. Teresita Carlile
2021-05-25 19:28:18   IP:
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Hello, It is with sad regret to inform you that BestLocalData.com is shutting down. We have made all our databases for sale for a once-off price. Visit our website to get the best bargain of your life. BestLocalData.com Regards, Teresita
11. Rickey Longwell
2021-05-19 19:21:52   IP:
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Are you looking for the best way to market your business? FbCourses.net has the answer.. Not sure where to start, or what to do? Why not learn from the best. All of the best. We are offering at never before seen prices all of the top courses for one insanely low price. If you have been thinking of how to generate more leads, website traffic or sales today is the day. All courses are available in full with immediate download on FbCourses.net Not sure which one you like, for the next 24 hours we are offering the entire suite of courses for the lowest amount you could possible imagine. Check us out : FbCourses.net You could be driving new income or starting the new side hustle today!
10. Liliana McKim
2021-05-11 16:11:10   IP:
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Hello from BestLocalData.com Due to the pandemic BestLocalData.com is shutting down on the 14th of May. We have more than a 100 million records of Key Executives all over the world. We hope that this Data will serve other companies to succeed in their marketing efforts. We have reduced all the prices to next to nothing on our website BestLocalData.com We wish you the best in your future endeavours.
9. Otis Nisbett
2021-05-11 02:34:07   IP:
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Hello from SendBulkMails.com, We have a special limited offer for you to send unlimited emails. We allow non-permission based emails and you wont ever get blocked. We also buy your domain for you and give you a clean IP and setup your DNS records. Check us out on SendBulkMails.com
8. Veronica Ewers
2021-04-20 08:39:00   IP:
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Do you need clients? We compiled some of the worlds top databases for you at ridiculous low prices. $49 for any of our databases or $99 for all 16 databases! Visit BestLocalData.com Regards, Veronica
7. Chelsea Seccombe
2021-04-14 02:54:40   IP:
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Hello, Send unlimited emails to unlimited lists with one click and no monthly fees! $99 once off! LifeMailNow.com
6. Vivian Gehlert
2021-04-08 02:55:37   IP:
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Hey, It was nice speaking to you the other day, this is the service I was telling you about that helped us boost our ROI almost 2000&37; Its a company called Lifemail.studio sorry it took so long to get back to you. They allow you to send any email doesnt matter what. We dealt with a guy named Michael, he was friendly and got us setup really quickly. Regards, Vivian
5. Grazyna Gerrity
2021-03-28 22:13:05   IP:
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Need extra income? A fully hosted, done for you content + monetisation and a stunning design web based software that creates a fully automated done for you cryptocurrency affiliate site, Visit us: https://warriorplus.com/o2/a/f5s4y/0
4. Deanne Blythe
2021-03-24 16:05:01   IP:
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Hello, BestLocalData.com has a special package you get any group of databases for $49 or $249 for all 16 databases and unlimited emails for a year(Domain, IP, Dashboard included). You can purchase it on BestLocalData.com and see samples if you are interested.
3. Gennie Kappel
2021-03-08 18:01:29   IP:
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Hey, Listen, business is tough right now for most people. Does this sound like your situation? -Not enough quality leads? -Not enough revenue? -Always looking for more business? -Working too hard? I have the solution to help make this a great year for your business. I will show you how to Drive Revenue, Sales and Commissions...during the day and more importantly while you sleep... ==> https://sesforyou.com Regards, SesForYou.com
2. SendBulkMails.com
2021-02-25 21:47:10   IP:
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SendBulkMails.com allows you to reach out to clients via cold email marketing. - 1Mil emails starter package - Dedicated IP and Domain Included - Detailed statistical reports (delivery, bounce, clicks etc.) - Quick and easy setup with extended support at no extra cost. - Cancel anytime! SendBulkMails.com
1. Scott Serrano
2021-02-23 15:42:20   IP:
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Do you need more clients? We have amazing databases starting at $9.99 until the end of the Month! Visit us at StarDataGroup.com
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