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De Reus (Choiseul) Palace

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The Palace is located in the Old Town, in front of the Presidential Palace and next to the Vilnius University. The building is a monument of the classicist and baroque architecture and was built in 1770 – 1794. The first reconstruction was held after 1798. It is thought that the four columned portico was designed and added by the architect Martynas Knakfusas. There were 16 larger and 12 small rooms in the building; a stable for 16 horses and a coach-house (with enough space for four wagons) were nearby. Counts De Reuses, Choiseuls, Ignas Ziogelis and Counts Pliateriai were among the many owners of the Palace.

The building next to the S. Daukantas Square once belonged to the Choiseuls, and sometime later – to De Reus. Counts Choiseuls originated from France and had relations with Potockiai, Tyzenhauzai, and other noble families.

Currently the Palace is used for chamber purposes, Copy1 copying service, book store Eureka¸ Vilnia House and Linas House are established in the premises.

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